Sure, his fingers may be oily. Assuming the auto technician asking you out rinses his fingers generally, there’s really no cause to overlook out on a dinner for two because of this tradesman.

1. Your vehicle is going to run effortlessly — about forever.

2. Aspects are not afraid of getting dirty.

3. Technicians are good with their fingers.

4. You will have entry to guidance, tool packages, and hard-to-find free parts.

5. Auto mechanics tend to be optimists. They don’t get rid of damaged material; quite they understand prospective in most portion.

6. Mechanics tend to be liable and trustworthy. Other individuals believe the big date with their personal protection on your way.

7. Your own day enhances the physical lives of others, assisting them get to in which they need to go.

8. Mechanics work very well under pressure. They also work very well with force — actually.

9. Auto mechanics are up for challenging, usually seeking an opportunity to enhance a design.

10. Technicians tend to be interested and consistently discovering. They take circumstances apart only to learn how situations work.

11. You will have the opportunity to make inappropriate jokes about performance.

12. Aspects are chronic and require getting the work done properly.

13. Technicians care about high quality, double-checking their unique work.

14. Auto mechanics spend their days covered in grease. They know just how to tidy up well.

15. Mechanics realize safety method and dependence on adequate protection.


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